Pink Tourmaline Heart Pendant

This is one for the record books! One of our most beautiful, lovely customers came to us with her oval Pink Tourmaline and asked us to design a one of a kind heart pendant to highlight her stone. She wanted to take part in the designing process and between her, me and my goldsmith, this is the finished product. We first decided on the size of the outside heart and cast it in 14-Karat White Gold. Then we attached the setting for the Pink Tourmaline. We already knew that we were going to design 'swirls' to go in between the heart and the center stone, but how many and how large was 'up in the air'. We finally decided on (4) swirls, my goldsmith carved them in wax, we cast them, attached it all together and then our master diamond setter had to set (140) diamonds to finish this AMAZING piece!

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