English Stirrup Earrings

These small English stirrup earrings have to be the best sellers of our whole equine collection. The exquisite intricacy of the leather and the buckle above the stirrup add to the appeal of these earrings.

They are 14- karat Yellow Gold and contain ten full cut round diamonds total, five each earring, with a total diamond weight of .20-carats. We don't skimp on the quality of the diamonds we use in our equestrian jewelry!

They are a perfect match to our English stirrup pendant and also look great when worn with our large English stirrup pendant. Each earring measures 1 1/4" tall and approx. 1/2" wide.

With the amount of gold and diamonds in these earrings, the price of $1,095-is very low and we will try to keep it there even if gold prices go up, however they are worth over $1500-.

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