May 04, 2022

How is a piece of custom jewelry done from start to finish? (simplified) First, we work with the customer to find a design that they want. The design has to be something that will work with the diamonds and/or stones that the customer has to work with. (Unless the customer wants to purchase any new stones.) Next, Wayne will draw a picture, or we will take the the picture that the customer brought us that they saw on their computer and email it to our computer designer.

Once he has the dimensions of the stones going in the new design and understands the item that we are making, he uses his talents to create a computer mock up of what the new piece of jewelry will look like. We will then email the mock up, which will look EXACTLY like the finished item will, yellow or white gold, diamonds, rubies, whatever. If the customer wants changes, we make them at this time, until the customer is satisfied. At that time a 3-D printer will print a wax mold all ready to cast in silver, gold or platinum, which is then cleaned and polished and made all ready for our master stone setters.

In a matter of approximately two weeks a beautiful brand new design is created for our customer with guaranteed satisfaction.