October 18, 2016

Best Jeweler in Pasadena!! Yes!! Wayne Jason Jewelry Designs was voted 'Best Jeweler in Pasadena for the 8th. year in a row and Wayne Jason was voted 'Best Business Person in Pasadena' for the 3rd. time. If you are local, come see why we were voted 'Best Jeweler in Pasadena' and if you are not local, take a look at our jewelry in this website and call us if you have any special requests or need any custom jewelry made or designed.

Also, if you have any GOLD YOU WANT TO SELL.....now is the time! The price of gold is up hovering around $1,900- per ounce, higher than it's been in years. This means that you will receive more money for your old jewelry than you would have in a LONG TIME! You can use that money towards fixing things in your house, or even........for a new piece of jewelry.