May 05, 2016

These are a few of the testimonials from our actual customers.

I thought I was being ripped off by Cash 4 Gold when they offered me $81.00 for what I sent them in the mail, so I had them send it back. I called Wayne Jason because I had done jewelry business with him in the past, but didn't know if he would buy old, broken pieces. He told me to bring what I had to him and he wrote me a check for $350.00! That was more than four times what Cash 4 Gold offered me. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to sell their jewelry bring it to Wayne and don't bring or send it anywhere else.

- Rossana Valverde, Pasadena, California

Hi Wayne, My members and I were very happy with how the gold party went! I'd like to host another maybe for the night crowd or on a Sat. I will continue to mention it to other owners, particularly Teri from Burbank. Thanks for everything and please stay in touch!

- Kim Shreve Owner, Curves - Burbank, California

I recently saw an ad in the local Pasadena Weekly magazine saying that Wayne Jason Jewelry Designs buys old gold and jewelry. I brought a baggie filled with chains, rings, earrings, even some diamonds to the store and was paid a very fair price for what I had to sell. I liked dealing with someone that I could look at face to face who would appraise my jewelry and pay me on the spot.

- Lori Follis, La Canada, California

When I wanted to sell some old gold and diamonds that I had, I asked a few friends where they thought I should go. Although I live in Los Angeles, I work in Pasadena and some of my co-workers suggested Wayne Jason Jewelry Designs. I brought what I had to Wayne's store and was very impressed with his professionalism. He showed me how he tested gold to see what karat it is and weighed my gold and diamonds in front of me. He paid me immediately without the jewelry ever leaving my sight.

- Lupa Chang, Los Angeles, California

I inherited some old jewelry when my mother died and I wanted to sell most of it. I found Wayne Jason Jewelry Designs on the internet and although he recommended that I bring my jewelry to him in person, he seemed honest enough over the phone that I decided to mail it to him instead of making the long drive. Wayne called me immediately when my box arrived and opened it while we were on the phone. He confirmed that everything I sent him was in the box and he made me an offer instantly. He mailed me a check the same day. I highly suggest that anyone with jewelry to sell either bring it or mail it to Wayne Jason Jewelry Designs.

- Jon Riendeau, Ventura, California

I recently brought Wayne some diamonds and gold that I had in pieces I wasn't wearing. He gave me an excellent price for all the items, certainly more then any of the other current places offer, and compensated me immediately. I would recommend Wayne Jason Jewelry Designs to anyone who is concerned with receiving quality designs and service as well as receiving cash for gold/diamonds.

- Rhonda Kess, Burbank, California

I had some old jewelry that I wanted to sell to pay some veterinary bills recently and did a Google search for gold buyers. I liked what I saw on the website for Wayne Jason Jewelry Designs because he pushed the idea of bringing my jewelry to him so that I could see him evaluate it in front of me and pay me right away. Other places wanted me to send it to them in a box(?) I was pleased with the experience, Wayne was friendly and professional and I would highly suggest that anyone in the area with jewelry to sell go directly to him!

- Anita Harkness, Burbank, California